Things That Will Enrich Your Experience At The Aboriginal Cultural Place In Cairns

The lifestyle, culture, traditions and folktales of ancient people often amaze the modern people. Often modern people wonder how the aboriginal people were surviving through 100% natural and organic bounties supplied by Mother Nature. If you are really interested in experiencing the lifestyle and culture of the original residents of Australia, you must visit the Cultural Place, a popular tourist destination in Cairns. If you are visiting the region for the first time, it is a good idea to gather information by reading Australian travel tips and guide from both online and offline sources. But the venue consisting of five individual areas covering 1665 square meters of undercover all weather space will provide you with a unique experience of the culture of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people.

Exploring the Art Space: International tourists are always impressed by the paintings, arts and crafts of the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal peoples. Along with being genuine and stunning, the arts also depict stories that are being handed down from one generation to another. At Cultural Place, the Art Space allows you to browse through numerous aboriginal arts while listening to the stories and experiences of the artists.

Printing, Painting and Weaving with the Aboriginal People: Along with observing the art and craft of the aboriginal tribes, tourists also get a chance to participate in the painting and make their own crafts. Your family will also love to learn the art of weaving baskets or try adding to the floor mural. While learning the ancient arts, you will be assisted and guided by the aboriginal artists and teachers. The interaction between your family members and the indigenous artists will further create a long-term positive impression of your kids’ minds.

Unique Bush Food Flavors: The aboriginal tribes have discovered the nutritional and medicinal values of the flora and fauna found in the tropical rainforests. Some of the poisonous berries and roots were also cooked and consumed by these people through specialized methods. So, tourists fail to resist the temptation of dishes made with the unique bush food flavors. At Cultural Place, dishes are prepared with the distinct flavor, and served to tourists without sauces and condiments. However, you must remember to try a variety of crocodile sauces.

Dance and Didgeridoo Show: If you are visiting the Cultural Place in the evening, it is a good idea to watch the indigenous dance performance by both Aboriginal and Torres Strait dancers. While enjoying the performance, you will also learn the stories and lore behind the dances through didgeridoo demonstration. Also, you will love to enjoy a three course delicious meal served in a traditional way. However, you have to pay a higher price to buy tickets for “Choice of Dance and Didgeridoo show, face painting with Dinner experience”.

In addition to these popular activities, you can even consider taking guided tours to explore various parts of tropical rainforest and experience the aboriginal and Torres Strait islander life in person. However, you must plan your holiday in advance, and book a Cairns holiday accommodation to explore the aboriginal culture at your own pace and convenience.

Culture, Heritage and Fun

Hilton Head Island

The Hilton Head Island is a beautiful destination. Located in the vicinity of nature amidst the sea waters, this island has been the home of the Gullah community for three centuries. Here, there is a rich culture and heritage of the Gullah community. This island has the beauty of nature, the sea, and a rich heritage and culture for people to learn about. It is the perfect holiday destination for you, your family and friends.

About Hilton Head Island

The Hilton Head Island is located off the coast of South Carolina. It is one among the Sea Islands of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida; it is also known as the Low Country. The Low Country is inhabited by African-Americans who are the descendants of the people who were enslaved to work on the rice and cotton plantations in the Low Country region. These descendants have strongly retained their rich African culture.

The Gullah community has retained many important aspects of the West African Culture; including music, languages, family values and even land usage traditions.


In 1698, several islands along with some mainland in the Low Country, were granted as part of a barony to John Bayley. This place was then christened as Bayley’s Barony. Hilton Head Island was then known as Trench’s County, named after Alexander Trench. Alexander Trench was the faithful property agent and fee collector of John Bayley.

Years later in 1717, John Barnwell became the first English settler there and was granted land that measured 1,000 acres. Later, it came to be known as the Hilton Head plantations.

However, the beautiful Island failed to gain recognition until the arrival of another planter, William Elliot in 1790. William Elliot raised the first staple cotton here, along with his friend Will Seabrook. Will Seabrook introduced a new and advanced fertilizer for the crop; this resulted in a high-quality cotton crop which was widely acclaimed. In 1860, the island boasted of 24 such plantations. The main crop cultivated was cotton but, there were other crops like sugarcane, indigo and rice. In a bid to form a better lifestyle, the landowners began residing in better places. This island became the home of slaves and overseers who grew the crops.

After the Civil War and the abolition of slavery, the patriarch lifestyle of the plantation owners came to an end and the population plummeted to a few thousand; these residents were primarily the descendants of the slaves who worked there. The place returned to its state of rural obscurity. People living there survived through maintaining small farms and fishing. However, they retained their culture, values and rich heritage.

Regaining Glory

It was in 1940 that the Island regained its glory thanks to the timber-men who found new potential in its tall pines.

Now Hilton Head Island is a beautiful tourist destination that has a rich culture and heritage. You can contact the Hilton Head tours and enjoy the long history and culture that flourishes there.