Brand New Concept for Restaurant Business – Self Ordering System

Nowadays, you can just take a sit and use the i-Pen point to the menu item, then you order is taken. No hustle, Relax choosing.

This is new dining experience can be overcome the pain of restaurant owner during peak hour. Meanwhile, also improve the service level and productivity when waiter/waitress not available.

The i-Pen is a very user-friendly design as voice prompting the item name and instruction. Beside the ordering features, the self ordering system is also able to call waiter and call bill. The voice language and volume are adjustable by user.

This self-service system help to reduce the operation cost and testified by more than 200 restaurants in Japan. Now is lauched at Singapore and Malaysia. Soon will also available in China and Indonesia.

The restaurant system manufacturer – Teraoka Company is introducing 2 kind of self ordering system which is Delious TOMO and Delious MIO.

1-Delious TOMO: i-Pen with Voice Prompt self ordering for all kind of dining.

Manpower problem eliminated.
Improves Restaurent Sales Turnover
There is no need for customer to call for waiter to make order, hen eliminating lost orders due to busy service staff.
Service staff no longer has to rush from table to table to response to every customer requests. Services are delivered at a reasonably fast speed upon receiving request from Deli-Touch.
Short waitting time
No longer need to wait for service staff to take new repeat orders. Previous inconvenience disappears.
A more enjoyable dinning experience
Feeling more at ease to make order according to personal preferences.
Food and services are now delivered faster.

2-Delious MIO: i-Pen with Voice Prompt and Indicator self ordering for fast food counter.

Express Ordering Solution.
Bring Fast Food Restaurant Operation Turnaround To A New Level.

User Friendly And Compact

•Improve Turnaround at Food Ordering Counter.
•Enhance Restaurant Operation Productivity.

Create a brand new food ordering experience for the customer

•Customers Make order on the Mio terminal by simply tapping the Mio pen on the restaurant menu. The voice prompt, together with the display of order item on the LCD screen makes the ordering process both fun and stress free.
•An order ticket showing all food items ordered is printed upon confirmation.
•Payment and food collection are made at the payment counter by presenting the printed order ticket.

Counter your fast food restaurant peak hour bottleneck challenges with Delious Mio

•The barcode on the printed order ticket provides express processing of customer order and payment at the payment counter.
•The separation of food ordering and payment process eliminates long queues at the counter.
•Faster turnaround at counter is acheived without compromising on service level.